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Activities of the diplomatic mission

The main task of the diplomatic mission is to develop Finland’s relations with Afghanistan and to support the political, military, economic and social reconstruction of Afghanistan. The mission works in close cooperation with Afghanistan’s authorities, the EU Member States and with other important bilateral and multilateral actors.

Finland promotes its objectives in Afghanistan in a comprehensive and sustained manner by means of political and economic cooperation, development cooperation, humanitarian aid, and military and civilian crisis management.

In 2013, Finland and Afghanistan signed a bilateral cooperation agreement, in force for ten years. Finland’s support to Afghanistan is currently about 30 million euros per year.

The diplomatic mission operates in close cooperation with the Finnish crisis management troops in Afghanistan, with the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL), including its Finnish contingent, and with the representatives of Finnish NGOs that have a presence in the country.

The Embassy also promotes Finland’s interests by working to open commercial and cultural relations with Afghanistan. One example is support for the operations of the Afghan-Finnish Business Council, established in May 2014.

Following the Government’s decision in 2001 to contribute to reconstruction and peacekeeping in Afghanistan, Finland opened a Liaison Office in Afghanistan in 2002. The Liaison Office was granted the status of Embassy on 1 January 2006

The following persons have served as Ambassador of Finland in Afghanistan:

Eero A. Wuori (Moscow) 1956–1963
Jorma Vanamo (Moscow) 1963–1967
Åke Frey (Ankara) 1968–1974
Jaakko Hallama (Moscow) 1975–1982
Tarja Laitiainen (Helsinki) 2002–2005
Antti Koistinen (Helsinki) 2006–2008
Timo Oula (Chargé d’Affaires pro tem) 2005–2008
Timo Oula (Ambassador) 2009–2010
Pauli Järvenpää 2010–2013
Ari Mäki 2013–2015
Anne Meskanen 2015–2017                                                                                                Hannu Ripatti 2017–

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